Data Visualization & Analytics

Hi, I’m Dmitrii Antipov
and I’m passionate about exploring, analyzing and visualizing information with code

Well-known Portfolios Assets Allocation (or D3.js inside Hugo)

Hugo is a very simple way of delivering your data visualizations built with D3.js to a reader/client/website visitor. As an example, I visualized well-known investment portfolios’ asset allocation with D3.js and published it as Hugo post. The data source for this dataviz is “Global Asset Allocation: A Survey of the World’s Top Investment Strategies” book by Meb Faber, where the author discussed the importance of investment assets allocations by reviewing allocations and performances of some well-known portfolios, like Ray Dalio’s All Seasons portfolio....

November 9, 2021

World Universities Rankings by Country

Small personal dataviz project aimed at visualizing and exploring world university rankings from a country-level perspective. Open the project’s page Questions: Which countries’ universities are ranked the best? How countries’ universities ranks distributions were changed across different years? Tools Used: Python (pandas) for data preprocessing; R (ggplot2 + RMarkdown) for visualization and presentation. Data Sources: Times Higher Education World University Rankings QS World University Rankings Academic Ranking of World Universities Raw data and prepared dataset are available in the repository’s data_raw and dataset folders accordingly....

November 1, 2021